Thursday, 21 July 2011


 I believe in the influence of lyrics and that they can inspire and move individuals. Music inspires me in everything I do. Music can comfort when I am feeling sad, lonely, happy, discouraged, unsure. Lately, I have been on a path that is a little left of the one I want to be on. Two nights ago I was driving, the sunset was enchanting, the breeze was perfect and it felt like a suitable time to reflect on these past few months and the decisions I have made. The perfect song came on. It's incredible how whenever I am doubting myself or something else, the Lord always provides answers in uncommon and most unexpected of ways. The lyrics spoke entirely to me. I couldn't help but cry tears of glee and gratitude for these words were precisely what I have been needing to hear for a long time.

So you made a lot of mistakes, walked down the road a little sideways 

Cracked a brick when you hit the wall. Yeah, you've had a pocket full of regrets pull you down faster than a sunset.
It happens to us all 
When the cold hard rain just won't quit and you can't see your way out of it 
You find your faith has been lost and shaken, you take back what's been taken 
get on your knees and dig down deep, you can do what you think is impossible 
Keep on believing, don't give in, it'll come and make you whole again 
It always will, it always does 
Love is unstoppable 
It can weather any storm, bring you back to being born again 
it's a helping hand when you need it most, a lighthouse shinning on the coast that never goes dim. 
When your heart is full of doubt, and you think that there's no way out 
Keep on believing, don't give in, it'll come and make you whole again.

It always will, it always does.
Love is unstoppable.

I have learned that you can never be too far gone to come back, too deep to pull out or too far off the road to turn around. You can never be too broken to be pieced back together. When you feel broken and feel that have nothing left to give, get on your knees. When you have no faith left in yourself, the Lord does. It is never too late to ask for help. The Lord always has the right answers and he will always provide them. Perhaps not in the way you want, or at the time you want, but he will. Sometimes I forget this and lose sight of the fact that his plan for me is bigger than my plan for myself. Things won't always go my way, or how I planned, but I know that if something doesn't happen, it is for a reason. I may not always know those reasons, and I may never know, but I have faith that the Lord knows what is best for me and if I put my full faith in him and live a life pleasing to him, than I will be blessed and my burden will be lightened. 


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