Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Patiently waiting...

I thought I had lost all hope in the male species. Maybe they weren’t all entirely helpless and incompetent, maybe it was just me getting involved with all the wrong ones, or me having my head up in the clouds. What ever happened to dating? Was I totally insane to think that a boy should call you, ask you out on date, pick you up, come up to the door, open your car door, have something fun and creative planned and not want to get something from you on the first date? Forgive me for not being too thrilled about getting asked out over text message and having to drive myself to your house and arrive to find you playing Halo with all your room-mates. Maybe I am just a hopeless romantic and have unrealistic expectations of a romance like Tristan and Isolde’s. I want butterflies fluttering anxiously in my stomach. Is that so hard to come by? do they even exist? I want to be told I am the most beautiful girl in the world, be kissed on the forehead, have flowers brought to me for no reason, texted just to make sure I got home safe, have notes left on my car, not be told that you are too busy to see me, believed in, trusted, hugged for no reason. Maybe this is why I don’t give anyone a fair chance, because I have un-realistic hopes for them. Maybe someone needs to bring me down off this cloud up here, but I feel like I should stay on it a little longer. 
Everyone always asks me, why aren’t you dating anyone? Why don’t you date him, he really likes you!? Why did you break things off with him? Why don’t you date a lot of people? The truth is, I don’t really know. I have had more flings in this past year than most people have in a lifetime...Ok, maybe not that many (I’m not a floosy), but you get the idea. I gain interest in someone, go out with them a few times, and quickly lose interest. I could never get really excited about anyone. I’m not a believer in forcing things, and if it’s not there, it’s not there. I am trying to hold out for someone great. Someone who thinks the world of me, someone that would sit and wait for hours, just to see me for a few minutes, someone that calls me back when I hang up on him, someone that wants to show me off to his friends, someone that constantly reminds me how much he cares and how he would do anything for me. I am still waiting for him. Maybe I will be waiting for a long time, but I am willing to wait. The wait will be worth it.