Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Just a night for random thoughts...

I love Southern Alberta on summer nights. There is something so calm and peaceful about this place. I could definitely live here the rest of my life.
I leave for the MTC in exactly 57 days.
I am starting to feel very overwhelmed. 
There is so much preparation to do and I don't know where to start 
I love my momma
People always told me, boys will be coming out left right and centre once you get your mission call. I thought this was foolish. Well, now I believe it. Come on guys, where were you all a few months ago?
I get my hopes up way too high
I am glad I finally had the guts to cut bad friends out of my life.
I don't know how some girls are so confident. I need some tips.
I'm 21 and just found out what a real date should be like. All you other boys before failed. Miserably. Sorry, not sorry...
So many mixed feelings these days.
I am going to be eating sushi and rice for 18's hoping I don't get fat...oh yeah I won't because I have to ride a bike every day of my a skirt. Cruel.
I have officially, and completely converted to country music. My fellow hipster friends will be so disappointed in me.
I really want to have a massive pillow fight in a field...
I have crossed quite a few things off my bucket list these past few weeks :) 
1) Shot a gun
2) Laid in the middle of the street at night in the rain
3) Caught a guitar pick at a concert
4) I have my own amazing is that?
5) Caught a firefly
6) Danced under stars and in the rain
7) Found out how many licks it takes to get to the centre of a tootsie pop- 367 in case any of you were wondering.
8) Taught myself how to play a song on the guitar
Now if only I could get a few more crossed off before I leave.
I have never been skinny dipping. Sad statement of my life. Need to go
I really want to get into a taxi and yell at the driver "follow that car!" I'm a dork
I would also really love to let go of paper lanterns...someone tell me where I can purchase one..or five.
I love this hot weather we are having. But I feel like dying if I am wearing anything other than a bikini.
I am soooo excited to go to the stampedeeeee this week! yeee-haaaawww.
I love boys in pick up trucks. Even If the boy isn't the most attractive, having a truck boosts your rating by at least 4 points.
I am finding so many bruises all over my body and have no idea where they came from...
It's cute in the movies when people show up at your window...but I just found out it's not so cute in real life...just plain scary....and creepy.


Love, me


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