Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I am Neurotic

I've been reading this book titled "I am Neurotic". It's a collection of entries from people that have neurotic tendencies. The first few pages I read, I was thinking- these people are ridiculous...the more I read, the more I realized how many of these things I actually do.
Reasons I am Neurotic
1) I cannot touch rough wood, chalk or chalk boards
2) I cannot read a book, or write on paper without putting cream on my hands first because I cannot stand the feel of it.
3) I cannot stand the sound or feeling of someone filing their nails, or mine. I refuse to file my nails- I will only cut them.
4) I cannot be around people that are chewing. I can't stand the sound of food moving around in their mouth and I want to gag when people chew with their mouth open. I especially hate the sound bananas, macaroni and cereal make.
5) I can't sleep without socks on because I hate the feeling of dry feet and especially when they rub against something.
6) Every time I go into a rest room at my own home, or someone else's, I must punch the shower curtain first to make sure no one is hiding in there.
7) I can’t stand breathing noises. When someone breathes and I can hear audible whistling through their nose or mouth, I get extremely aggravated.
8) I absolutley cannot fall asleep if the door to my bedroom is open
9) I can't wash my hands if there is no cream near by because the soap makes my hands feel dry and then I feel like I can't touch anything without cringing.
10) I can't sleep without clothes on because I am afraid if I get pranked in the middle of the night, or if there is a fire I will have to run outside naked and I hate being naked. 


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